Advisory Platform

Custom Wealth Advantage


CWA is an open architecture platform that provides advisors with a comprehensive suite of investment solutions for their clients. The convenience of a fee based, advisor managed account program, several mutual fund wrap programs, a separately managed account program and a unified managed account option all in one place, will streamline client and account management.  CWA offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to manage your practice, view and trade client accounts, run proposals, research products and view current market information. A sophisticated proposal tool allows Advisors to run multi-registration proposals using multiple programs on the platform all from a single interface. When the proposals are finalized, the program automatically renders all necessary paperwork to further simplify the account opening process. The Custom Wealth Advantage Platform combines a broad range of fee-based investment solutions with an intuitive tool set that will stream line back office operations and allow advisors to focus more time on revenue generating activities.

  • The CWA Platform provides advisors with access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, Unified Managed Accounts and Separately Managed Accounts. Advisors have the ability to personally manage their client’s funds or simply gather their assets and outsource the management to a third party.
  • Trading in the Custom Wealth Advantage Choice program is simplified by a one-click rebalancing tool that is integrated with an alert system that sends electronic drift warnings to streamline the account maintenance process.
  • All account activity is completely transparent to the client through comprehensive quarterly performance reports and monthly activity statements. Clients can further request to receive all statements electronically as well as electronic transaction confirmations.
  • Households with multiple Custom Wealth Advantage accounts will receive an aggregated Quarterly Performance Report to ensure that their accounts are working in harmony to achieve their overall financial goals.
  • An overview of the individual programs on the platform can be found on the back of the page with an outline of the fees and investment minimums by program listed below:
  • The Custom Wealth Advantage Platform combines the benefits of fee-based professional money management with the latest web-based financial services technology.

Advisor Branded Quarterly Statements for Managed Accounts

Solidify your local brand with clients by including your compliance-approved business name and logo on Custom Wealth Advantage (CWA) quarterly statements. Your name and logo will appear on the front page and top right corner of every subsequent page in place of the CWA logo.

Custom Wealth Advantage – CHOICE

CWA Choice is an advisor-managed, fee-based, advisory brokerage account platform. Designed for those advisors who wish to manage their client accounts, the platform provides administrative tools including flexible account billing, legal documents and quarterly performance reports, allowing you to focus on maintaining the client relationship and managing the account. Enhanced modeling tools allow advisors to easily create their own custom models which they can link to any number of client accounts. The platform’s management tools utilize straight through processing, one-click re-balancing of accounts and a sophisticated alert system that streamlines the process of managing client accounts.

Custom Wealth Advantage – MUTUAL FUND WRAP

The CWA Mutual Fund Wrap program is a turn-key mutual fund wrap asset allocation program. Client accounts are managed by FundQuest within a variety of asset allocation models, including Basic, Standard and Advanced portfolios, allowing the advisor and client to choose an appropriate asset allocation model depending on the client’s needs. The platform provides ongoing investment monitoring, rebalancing and quarterly performance reports. These services allow the Advisor to manage the client relationship while offering clients the benefit of professional wealth management.

  • Morningstar Investment Services (MF and ETF)
  • PMC Portfolios (MF and ETF)
  • ActiveAssist Portflios
  • Russell Investments
  • S&P Portfolios
  • Symmetry Portfolios (MF and ETF)
  • Vanguard ETF Portfolios
  • Wilshire Portfolios