Partnerships Division

a division of TCFN dedicated solely to supporting the growth of insurance and securities business of our partner firms.


Through our proprietary partnering program, our marketing partners can offer their customers additional products and services, generate additional revenue, and see a positive effect directly to their bottom line.  We have flexible business models to use when either creating a partnership situation, or working within an existing arrangement.

Business Models

Strategic Partner or Wholesale Partner

Partnerships can be investment only, insurance only, or a combination.

With us as a partner, we can offer your customers solutions that will better help them meet their complex financial needs in the following areas:

Investment Planning – Our approach to investment planning relies on core principles developed and tested since the inception of our firm.  Our goal is to control costs, be tax efficient, and manage risk.  This should provide an effective way of helping achieve the client’s goals.

Estate/Asset Protection Strategies – The goals of estate planning are to provide for financial security in life and to optimize the estate for family and any charities the client chooses following death.  We fully leverage estate preservation opportunities and develop strategies to help achieve your clients’ distribution objectives.

Retirement Planning – We help your clients understand the five basic challenges that could affect the success of their retirement and then use a five-step process that will help guide them toward retirement income security.

Contingency Planning If your clients have assets to preserve, then long-term care insurance and disability income insurance should be considered, because protecting against these potentially catastrophic costs is an essential part of astute financial planning.

Business Owner Planning Family business expert concur that less than one-third of these family businesses will survive into the second generation, and about 10% will still be viable into the third generation. The reasons are varied, but include family conflict, failure to design a proper succession plan and federal estate taxes.  We offer sophisticated planning strategies to assist business owners and key executives of closely held or family owned businesses as they work to maximize their equity.  our efforts are specifically directed to help protect assets, transfer the business, build for retirement and preserve their wealth.

If you’d like to offer your clients the opportunity to create, preserve and protect their wealth, the partner of choice is clear.

See a sample Partner presentation here.

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