Retirement Plan Services – Small Businesses

rps smallbusiness

Your small business clients need the support of a responsive plan provider to ease their administrative and fiduciary burdens. That’s where our network of small business retirement plans and flexible investment options can help.

We’re committed to our advisors engaging their business clients in a meaningful way, so we offer investment solutions that make sense for small businesses. Let the expertise of our plan providers to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, while you strengthen your client relationships.

A service-driven model to help meet your goals

Our retirement plan sponsors bring to every relationship the commitment and know-how that you should expect in a plan provider. Their knowledgeable Account Management team is equipped to respond to your clients’ needs, working closely with you and your clients to ensure a coordinated view. With the knowledge shared among your plan partners, we make proactive recommendations to advance your goals.

Flexible investment programs to give you plenty of options

Our small business investment program includes access to crafted investment lineups. Open-architecture platforms give you access to more than 10,000 mutual funds from more than 600 mutual fund families. For participants wanting an easy, all-in-one option, we offer target-date funds and a managed account service.

Our plan providers offer ongoing monitoring and support through quarterly Watch Lists and day-to-day access to investment information that’s easily accessible online or by phone.

Tools and resources to boost retirement readiness

Participants require more than general information about saving and investing. They need someone to help them along the way. That’s why we provide the tools and resources you and your clients need to engage and educate participants—helping them increase their financial wellness and prepare for retirement.